Cambridge English 

We will be accepting registration from (dates coming soon) feel free to register during this time. This year we will be offering a preparation course and book to all interested students along with practice examinations to prepare for the exam.

Cambridge Examination Registration

Go to this link to take a quick test and see where your level is. This is just an indication.

Please fill in this form to be entered in a Cambridge Examination for the 2021-22 school year. Preparation courses will be offered based on interest, more information to follow.

The registration form for the Cambridge Examination can be found in the closed information area for parents and teachers. Please use the access data known to you for registration.

Please register using the link below by 4.6.21

Examination Registration 2021/22

Further Information

Some of the tests that we will offer are the following:

Level A1-B1: An elementary level qualification.

It covers basic practical English, such as understanding simple questions, instructions and phrases, expressing simple opinions and needs, interacting with English speakers who talk slowly, completing forms and writing short messages.

More info:

Cambridge English: Key (KET) und Cambridge English: Key for Schools (KET)

Level A2-B2: An intermediate level qualification.

It covers everyday, practical English, such as understanding straightforward instructions and public announcements, taking part in factual conversations, writing letters and making notes.

More info:

Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) und Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools (PET)

Level B1-C1: An upper-intermediate qualification.

It covers use of English in real-life situations and study environments. Learners are expected to understand the main ideas of complex texts taken from a range of sources (such as magazines, news articles and fiction), demonstrate different writing styles (such as emails, essays, letters or short stories), follow a range of spoken materials (such as news programmes and public announcements), and keep up in conversations on a wide range of topics, expressing opinions, presenting arguments and producing spontaneous spoken language. More info:

Cambridge English: First (FCE) und Cambridge English: First for Schools (FCE)

Please feel free to contact us with questions:

  • Telephone 0221 139 29 85