Place of living and learning

The teacher-pupil relationship is the core of good teaching.

Besides specialist knowledge, teachers need something that makes this possible in the first place: personality. Our teachers bring these with them and see individuals rather than a learning group. Many of our colleagues have also worked outside school and are familiar with the demands of business.

The positive and motivating attitudes and attitudes of our teachers are an essential prerequisite for achieving learning goals.

Our pedagogical cornerstones:

1. evaluative teaching and learning attitudes and consistent pupil orientation

2. structuring, rule clarity, class management

3. cognitive activation (reaching deep structures)

4. self-regulation and awareness of learning processes in pupils

5. value-favouring treatment and a climate conducive to learning.


We focus on working in partnership coupled with good school education. To this end, we not only use innovative, pedagogical aspects, but also work with interactive boards instead of chalkboards and with modern classroom concepts and facilities as well as in excellently equipped natural science rooms.

Thanks to our G9 orientation, our students have time to discover, develop and unfold. In manageable classes with 24 students and two teachers during the lessons, we offer the best conditions for a successful school career in the lower and upper secondary levels.

Two languages are a gift

The world language English is not only learned from the book, but is lived daily. Supported by native-speaking teachers and teaching assistants, English becomes the second mother tongue. Instead of “cramming vocabulary”, English is acquired like the first mother tongue – almost as a side-effect.
One school – many possibilities

The language profile is extended by the subjects Spanish and Italian as a second and third foreign language. Of course, it is also possible to work more scientifically than linguistically.
The bilingual orientation in secondary level I and II is of course certified. The bilingual Abitur considerably expands the application possibilities for university education and is also a unique selling point for applications.