A day at BilinGO Campus

At BilinGO Campus, lessons start at 8:45am. In implementing this, we have considered the latest scientific research results, which show that learning is most effective and that body and mind are most receptive from this time of day. We teach double lessons, which makes the school day run smoother, reduces stress and thus frustration. Double lessons are mandatory for a harmonized school routine.

In addition, we offer supervision from 7:30am – the Campus is therefore a good choice for all working parents. Playing together, social interaction and a slow preparation for lessons before they begin – this all happens during early supervision and is a sensible start to the school day.

BilinGO Campus offers a wide range of club activities after 4:00pm (end of lessons) until 6:00pm. All students can end the routine school day with sports, languages, sciences, music, arts or simply with games. They will learn new skills or competencies in the mentioned areas and gain new rewarding team or learning experiences. We provide an interesting range of club activities so that our students can try out many new things or deepen their qualification if requested. We offer all possibilities from basketball to piano lessons so that your family life is the priority when your child comes home.