Welcome to the BilinGO Campus in the heart of Cologne

The Campus expands the education infrastructure in Cologne by being a small comprehensive school with a bilingual German/English concept and by applying the world’s most successful way of learning a second language: the immersion method. With great effect we have already taught immersion in our bilingual kindergarten BilinGOlinos and our bilingual primary school BilinGO and so given our students the opportunity to grow up bilingually.

In addition to our language profile students can choose a scientific orientation. Our MINT program offers all possibilities to combine and expand the acquired language knowledge with natural sciences.

Our Focus

We focus on partnership based learning combined with a solid good school education. For this purpose we imbed innovative pedagogic aspects and work with interactive boards instead of chalkboards and modern classroom concepts and facilities.

Our nine-year secondary education allows our students sufficient time to discover and to develop themselves. Small classes with a maximum of 24 students and two teachers during lessons offer the best conditions for a successful school career in secondary I and II.

Two languages are a gift

English being a global language is not only acquired by learning from books but by using it daily as an ordinary language. Students plunge into the language from the beginning and it quickly and easily becomes their second mother tongue. We support this process by restricting the size of our classes to 24 students and by employing two teachers during lessons – one of them being a native speaker. Our goal is to learn English like the first mother tongue rather than only learning vocabulary.

One school - many opportunities

Our profile also comprises Spanish and Italian as the second and third language. However, students may as well focus on natural sciences rather than languages.

The bilingual orientation in secondary I and II is certified. The bilingual Abitur is often an important precondition for respective university branches and a unique feature for job applications.

BilinGO Campus is MINT oriented and offers excellently equipped science rooms. MINT stands for mathematics-informatics-natural sciences-technical engineering.