Method Week

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We pick up our students where they stand. This sounds simple at first glance, but it is not, as there are different types of performance and social behaviour, especially in comprehensive school learning groups.

The method week from 12.11.18 gives teachers the opportunity to try out new methods and to determine learning efficiency. In discussions with colleagues, important experiences are exchanged and learning methods are put to the test.

There is not THE method of knowledge transfer, but valuable experience on how optimal work phases and self-directed learning can work with the “Generation PC”. If the teacher becomes the guiding learning companion and feedback coach, this not only creates concrete results, but also relief for both sides.

Methodical work sometimes also means courageous experimentation and if planned work and free work in a class do not work, the method must of course be changed.

Our staff is here in regular exchange and at the end of the method week a critical balance is drawn.

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