Stay safe online and Anti-Bullying Campaign

Stay safe online and Anti-Bullying Campaign – We can all make a difference

Years 7-9 – Bullying? No, thank you!

Dear students*, dear parents, dear colleagues*,

the Scottish band Single by Sunday will visit us on 09.07.2019.

They have already successfully conducted this program at many schools in Great Britain and parts of the USA. Now they are coming to Germany for the first time.

The approx. 90 minute program deals with the topics bullying, cyber bullying and internet security. All this in connection with music. After the band has played 3-4 songs, the band members will talk about their own experiences. Then the students can ask questions. This leads to discussions and a lively exchange between the band and the students. At the end 1-2 more songs will be played.

This new approach to the problem sensitizes the pupils in a special way, as the band members meet the pupils at eye level. No reproaches or accusations are made. All pupils are involved so that nobody feels attacked. Through stories of their own experiences, the four show that everyone can become a victim and explain ways of dealing with the situation and getting help.


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BilinGO Campus, Gladbacher Wall 5, 50670 Köln